Why Learning Yu-Gi-Oh is So Hard



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Recently, there have been many discussions on the state of Yu-Gi-Oh and why its so hard to learn. Even having a simulator like Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel doesn't seem to be adequate for learning the game. Why is that and what can be done?

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Why Learning Yu-Gi-Oh is So Hard
Why Learning Yu-Gi-Oh is So Hard
Why Learning Yu-Gi-Oh is So Hard
Why Learning Yu-Gi-Oh is So Hard
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2023-10-03 17:15:23

I think master duel is a major problem in teaching people how to play yugioh; master duel and most simulators for that matter handle so many things automatically the player doesn't have to learn what's going on and why it's going on.
Dueling book is the only place I think people should learn to play since being forced to do everything manually (and the ability to call judges) will make you learn the rules

Hazel Afif
2023-10-03 14:03:02

Master just need to redesign their cards like Rush Duel. Rush Duel cards is really good where requirement/cost write seperately from the effects. Also, play rush duel 👍.

Teeps Senju
2023-10-02 23:21:28

Its why seeing what Jesse Cotton can do is so impressive

fire hunterz
2023-10-02 13:28:16

Why do the cards look like essays with the amount of text on them??
Why lack of keywords??
Why does one card have multiple effects in one??
Why are "Once per turn;" and "You can only use this effect once per turn" two different things??
Why are "When" and "If" also different??
Why is there such crap like missing the timing??
Why are the cost and actual effect not as clear to be identified like other card games, instead relying on a single small semicolon??
Why not color code the restrictions in effects so people can remember them better??
Why does the TCG not numbering the effects like OCG does??
Why are there no full card arts like MTG??

These are all legit questions from a newbie or a returnee player to Yu-Gi-Oh. I myself know the answers to all of them, but I understand the confused perspective of outsiders looking in.

2023-10-02 07:52:54

Bro I'll be honest and this is just my opinion so take this with a grain of salt:

I have been trying to get into YuGiOh and this video pops up and I cannot stress how much obscure rulings make me want to bash my head on the table. To me, if the rules of the game are this obscure where you have to go above and beyond to find rulings on how cards actually work, so much so that you have to hit 3 DIFFERENT SOURCES, it ceases to be a game that I could fully enjoy despite all that it has to offer. I hate being lost, man.

That being said, I like the art of the cards a lot, and some of the archetypes (Like Monarchs and a General Zombie World deck) I enjoy. I just wish the game was just a lot more clearer so I didn't drop combos because I got lost in a sea of text on the card.

2023-10-01 17:26:04

Who compares a fighting game to a card game?

2023-10-01 10:06:21

Really? No one noted the kazcinsky reference?

2023-10-01 05:41:22

The main issue I had with YGO as a returning Yugiboomer ( who had not been playing since synchros got implemented , aka more than a decade ) was and still is exactly that legalese .

While learning how synchro / xyz / link / pendulum works is pretty intuitive and takes a minute at worst I do wish we had neatly spaced paragraphs / bullet points / highlights on cards in order to help you understand the effects more rapidly , cause facing an entire new or unknown archetype and having to quickly skim through all of their text , understand the legalese and devise a counter without missing anything important within the 5 minutes allotted by the timer is honestly ass .

The game should also teach about HoPT Vs SoPT , spell speed , damage step ruling , priority , chain blocking , ecc...as other people have already said .

The community should instead provide more guides about what is good against the meta ; having to Google about what board breakers / handtraps are good against "X" every time a new archetype comes out , manually filtering through various results of different usefulness from god knows how many years ago instead of having a quick comprehensive community made spreadsheet on Dk's site / the subreddit / discord / etc doesn't feel too convenient QoL wise...for as much as one can deal with it .

The Dragon Lady
2023-09-30 21:22:02

I am what you youngn's would call a 'YuGiOh Boomer'. I played the game when it came out and it was super simple to learn back then, I even became a judge. I did leave the game in 2004 but returned in 2018, I had a lot of catching up to do, but I was able to pick it back up and get pretty far in a local competitive scene. But the reason I was able to do so well was thanks to my previous experience of the game and it's mechanics, so learning the new stuff wasn't so bad... but I am NOT going to try and be a judge again... holy moly can one word make a difference! While I have been 90% correct on on rulings at my locals, I am not confident enough to make judgements on high-stakes games.

So while I did have an edge on returning to the game, I really feel for the new comers who are learning. Seeing a deck go full combo can be very intimidating.

2023-09-30 20:53:04

feel like its time to simplify yugioh, its gotten to the point where along with card text being written like they were created by lawyers or putting a whole paragraph of text on a card like the thumbnail for this video just to say this card has piercing when attacking a def position monster. along with these two examples like the OP of this video pointed out why is it that we live in an information age and finding a guide to how to play modern yugioh is like pulling teeth, if you need other players to rope in new players because learning the game on your own is already hard as hell and alienating to the point of needing a coach then it might be time to admit you fucked up and the game could use a revision cause the game is far from being a simple children's card game anymore.

Godzilla Poggers
2023-09-30 18:30:21

Rayman 2

Dante von Crowlley
2023-09-30 18:05:18

I played at the no rules to GX only, I did got to play duel links, the fan game n that new pc game, but I won't come back since it's not even a card game anymore, it's an RTS

Diego Chacón
2023-09-30 15:31:32

In YGO you can negate the activation or the effect, the objective is the same but it makes some interactions more complicated. So why not just use one for all the cards?
YGO has costs, requirements and whatever "target" is. All of that goes before a ";" So it's easy to think that all of that is a "cost" but in reality each one is something different and affects differently for some card effects.
The chain block and timing loss are interesting YGO mechanics but they are not intuitive.
I wish they would do a reboot to improve the effects writing. YGO Rush duel seeks to simplify and improve the writing but still has flaws in its design. So my hope died and if I want to continue playing I must accept that the game will always have these and other problems.

Jay Oh En
2023-09-30 10:45:18

Looking up card rulings definitely kills the fun sometimes especially when both players think something should work differently.

Zawa Games
2023-09-30 08:20:22

Guilty Gear mentioned 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

2023-09-30 03:57:45

2 be honest I only got aware of the bs lawyering you need to do while playing yugi when I started playing dark world, I learned the hard way that discard and sending a card from the hand to the gy are 2 different things that do the exact same, and that for some reason the effect don't apply when the discard is a cost instead of a effect (disregard the fact that the cards say only when they are discarded,but not why they got discarded)

Patrick Cole
2023-09-30 03:00:43

Uhhhh yugioh... at a certain point you'll win most of your games by turn 2, but the interaction is so low. Like you might have 1 hand trap, maybe 2 if your lucky and besides that in comp your more or less at your opponents mercy if you go second. Bad game. 1/10 fight me cowards

Malfeasance with ornament
2023-09-29 20:44:22

Bro's hating on eldlich in 2023💀💀💀

foyo Games
2023-09-29 19:26:10

It's more than reading, it's remembering every line in the paragraph of 20 unique cards that aren't yours. Some people have better short term memories too.

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