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twenty one pilots - The Judge (Official Audio)

The official audio for twenty one pilots' "The Judge" from the new album 'Blurryface' - available now on Fueled By Ramen: iTunes: ...

2015-05-26 04:58 72,330,322 YouTube

The Judge's Daughter and The Law Abiding Parking Person

Judge Caprio introduces us to a special person in his life and a woman claims she is a 'Law Abiding Parking Person". #caughtinprovidence #judgecaprio ...

2018-11-04 08:12 2,730,756 YouTube

Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments

Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.

2015-09-01 07:31 19,281,642 YouTube

Moment judge recognised school friend in dock - BBC News

Watch the amazing moment when two school friends, a judge and a man suspected of burglary, were 'reunited' briefly during a court hearing in Miami, US.

2015-07-03 00:56 25,112,776 YouTube

The Judge’s Granddaughter!

CaughtInProvidence #JudgeCaprio #TrafficCourt #Courtroom A motorist asks Judge Caprio's granddaughter for help getting her son's tickets dismissed.

2019-11-20 03:17 603,355 YouTube

Judge Caprio Gets Emotional

CaughtInProvidence #JudgeCaprio #TrafficCourt #Courtroom Judge Caprio is overcome with emotion when sharing a story about his father.

2020-01-15 05:10 97,080 YouTube

Judge Faith - Get Out (Season 1: Episode #74)

Get Out - A landlord wants his former tenants to pay for damages, but the tenants say he is taking advantage Stream every Judge Faith episode on Amazon ...

2016-06-27 19:38 643,659 YouTube

This Judge Had The Best Reaction To This Little Boy's Honesty

When Judge Frank Caprio asked this little boy a question, no one in the crowd expected his answer!

2017-09-12 04:37 43,678,261 YouTube

Cop Pulls over Judge, Judge uses is position of power to get off quickly.

A Lancaster County PA, Judge Dennis E. Reinaker is pulled over for tailgating and honking at an East Lampter Township officer in an unmarked police car.

2019-06-13 02:18 8,249,058 YouTube

The Judge’s Son

CaughtInProvidence #JudgeCaprio #TrafficCourt #Courtroon A motorist comes to court for a red light violation and says she made a sufficient stop. Will Judge ...

2019-12-30 03:51 96,315 YouTube

Humorous Judge Dismisses 'Ridiculous' Ticket When Woman Parks 2 Seconds Early

Sarah brought a parking ticket to Chief Judge Frank Caprio but the judge thought the ticket was ridiculous. Sarah explained the clock in her car said it was 10:00 ...

2017-02-09 01:49 2,193,893 YouTube