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Gorguts - Colored Sands [Full Album]

Band: Gorguts Album: Colored Sands Year: 2013 Genre: Technical death metal Country of origin: Canada (Montreal, Quebec) Label: Season of Mist Links: ...

2018-11-20 02:56 21,296 YouTube

Gorguts - Pleiades' Dust

Artist: Gorguts / Release: Pleiades' Dust / 2016 Follow Season of Mist : http://youtube.com/SeasonOfMistLabel http://facebook.com/seasonofmistofficial ...

2016-05-13 33:09 119,131 YouTube

Gorguts - Colored Sands ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: http://theneedledrop.com/2013/07/gorguts-colored-sands-loved/ Canadian death metal outfit Gorguts return with a comeback record of massive ...

2013-09-03 07:55 75,290 YouTube

Luc Lemay(Gorguts) talk about Marc Chicoine 6 string guitar (2016)

Luc introduce the STEALTH guitar that Marc Chicoine built for him in 2012. Luc wants to pay tribute to Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH with this amazing guitar.

2016-03-08 07:41 42,607 YouTube

Gorguts - Obscura

There's another upload but it skips early on, so here's my upload, without skipping. Lyrics: Clouded by the bliss obscura Covered by the frame of drama Intra ...

2013-03-30 04:04 84,503 YouTube

Gorguts - Obscura

For more (((unartig))) recordings please go to http://unartignyc.com/recordings http://www.myspace.com/gorgutsofficial http://gorguts.com/ Gorguts playing ...

2010-05-27 04:16 62,614 YouTube

Люк Лемэй (Gorguts) о дэт-метале и классической музыке

Люк Лемэй - основатель культовой death-metal группы Gorguts. В интервью он рассказывает о влиянии классического..

2019-07-06 08:29 221 YouTube

Gorguts Le toît du monde drum video

Video with Patrice hamelin, drummer for Beneath the massacre, Gorguts and Cephalic Carnage.

2013-12-05 05:41 39,060 YouTube

Colin Marston bass playthrough: Gorguts "Pleiades' Dust"

drums performed by Patrice Hamelin in October 2015, from the Gorguts album, "Pleiades' Dust" video playthrough bass sloppily recorded 7-7-17 occasional ...

2017-07-08 32:49 20,419 YouTube

Gorguts - Waste Of Mortality

From the 1991 album "Considered Dead". © Roadrunner Records. Luc Lemay - Vocals / Guitars Sylvain Marcoux - Guitars Eric Giguere - Bass Stephane ...

2009-10-11 04:39 70,736 YouTube

Gorguts-Disincarnated Cover and guitar playthrough

Our cover of Disincarnated from the absolute death metal masterpiece that is 'Considered Dead' by the godfathers of death metal GORGUTS. A massive ...

2019-01-25 05:03 1,419 YouTube