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Best Role

Kate Winslet’s Best Roles

In honor of Kate Winslet's birthday, take a look back at the actresses best movie roles....

2017-10-05 01:41 58 Dailymotion

Bradley Cooper’s Best Roles

In honor of Bradley Cooper's birthday, take a look back at his best roles....

2018-01-05 01:48 516 Dailymotion

The best role model


2014-11-18 02:05 0 Dailymotion

Bradley Cooper's Best Role

Bradley Cooper has been recognized and awarded for many roles, but his role as a director might be the most rewarded....

2019-02-20 01:05 224 Dailymotion

Mammootty's Best Police Roles - Filmyfocus.com

Well, if we take a list of Malayalam actors, who have excelled in doing police roles, then Mammootty would feature right up there in the list. In the upcoming f...

2016-05-25 01:36 1 Dailymotion