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Seoul Broadcasting System TV Network

Seoul Broadcasting System closedown - ca. 2008

Year is an estimate based on the graphics until the national anthem kicks in.T...

2016-06-16 01:56 57 Dailymotion

SBS (Korea) Ad break into SBS 8 News (26.11.2013) / SBS 8 뉴스 NEXT OP 진행영상 2013.11.26

This is an ad break for SBS in South Korea. Recorded via Ive cut the headlines section because to save the recording time for Bandicam.Hope you like it!한국...

2016-01-17 08:16 99 Dailymotion

Mutual Broadcasting System "Bee-Doop" Network Cue Tones

Mutual Broadcasting System "Bee-Doop" Network Cue Tones...

2015-06-16 00:04 84 Dailymotion