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Santa Claus Fictional Character

Santa's off Forbes' Richest Fictional Characters list

British quiz show "QI" asks why Santa is no longer on Forbes' "Richest Fictional Characters" list.

2013-12-30 03:21 1,698 YouTube

The Jolly Old Elf Himself- Santa Claus| Fictional Characters Stats for D&D 5E

Nerdarchy the News Letter- http://nerdarchy.com/NewsLetter The Jolley Old Elf Himself- Santa Claus| Fictional Characters Stats for D&D 5E Time to take a trip to ...

2015-12-24 13:31 3,258 YouTube

Who is Marvel's Santa Claus? Possibly the Most Powerful Mutant Ever!

This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Marvel Comics character "Santa Claus." From his long history as a powerful mutant gift-giver under ...

2017-12-25 07:33 190,568 YouTube

Another Bloomin' Christmas! Father Christmas

From the classic Raymond Briggs 'Father Christmas' Short film. Also see 'Walking in the Air' from Briggs' more famous 'The Snowman' ...

2011-12-05 03:35 40,497 YouTube

Pokemon 3 AMV- I Hate Santa Claus (HD)

Just in time for December (almost Christmas), I decided to remake my 'I Hate Santa Claus' AMV and make it HD. I made some changes to the actual video as ...

2014-12-11 03:33 6,490 YouTube

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (2000) Trailer (VHS Capture)

Copyright of this video is not claimed by the retroVHStrailers channel. All rights retained by the copyright holder. The retroVHStrailers channel does not monetize ...

2015-09-15 01:05 37,297 YouTube

Santa Claus: Comic Book Origins and Powers Explained

Today we take a look at the comic book origins (kinda), but mostly the adventures of Santa Claus in comics. We also breakdown what abilties Santa has in the ...

2018-12-24 07:43 1,573 YouTube

Who is Marvel's Santa Claus? Origin of Santa Claus in Hindi

x-Mas Special||On Christmas Day, we have brought this video in which we are going to talk today Santa Claus Let's start the video about Santa Claus. I hope you ...

2018-12-25 05:40 91 YouTube

[Robot Santa] You DARE Bribe Santa?!

2016-04-13 00:24 55,288 YouTube

Dexter's Laboratory | Santa Who? | Cartoon Network

Dexter tries to prove to Dee Dee that Santa Claus is not real and is in fact their father in disguise. ▻ Subscribe to the official Dexter's Laboratory YouTube ...

2019-02-23 05:19 538,818 YouTube

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Our tale begins with poor toy maker Samuel Claus setting off in search of a new life. However, he finds himself in a peculiar forest from which he cannot escape.

2015-10-09 26:18 77,163 YouTube