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Picture Video Dedicated To Applejack, The Country Pony Song: Raise This Barn by Daniel Ingram Like Subscribe Comment Share Love&Tolerate...

2013-07-28 02:20 1,001 Dailymotion

G4 Applejack meets G1 Applejack

G4 Applejack meets G1 Applejack...

2015-07-29 00:11 35 Dailymotion


This is the story of how Applejack got her cutie mark. This is meant for evaluation purposes only. My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro and the Hub. "My Little Pon...

2014-07-01 02:38 58 Dailymotion

applejacks elements

applejacks elements...

2015-07-07 00:05 4 Dailymotion

Samurai Applejack

Samurai Applejack...

2015-06-07 01:19 6 Dailymotion