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BADLOGIC смотреть.

Check out my Patreon patreon com twistedgrim http www facebook com twistedgrimtv https twitter com TheTwistedGrim http thetwistedgrim tumblr com Activa subtitulos al español A thief dies after committing crime, but the story doesn t end there Its been a very long time since I released my last animation, sorry about that Lots of thing happened that Im not gonna explain because Im lazy ppff, just lot of work I also have some news After month of May, I ll be animating more often for youtube yeaah you will see me around a lot heh Also, this is my first original animation and Im quite proud of it , I tried something different this time but doesnt mean I wont be making more parodies Not my best script, but my best work Thanks for being patience, I have more stuff coming soon, cya Music Feet For Hands by JDawg00100 http www newgrounds com audio listen 533622 Death Grind Splatter Piss Shit by GoreBastard http www newgrounds com audio listen 109777 Alex H ft Nate blahblah by mega ultra KH fan http www newgrounds com audio listen 534019 Voice Actors Chris Kirbopher Niosi Chris Niosifacebook com TOMEseries Edward Bosco http edwardbosco com Scott Frerichs http www youtube com kaiserneko Kimlinh Tran http www youtube com user Hnilmik Liz Losey http blizooka tumblr com Anna Kingsley http www youtube com anjidu Jessi Nowack http www youtube com nowacking

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