The Perfect duo, Rookie and Pat l Popular Episode l Tayo the Little Bus l S2 #02

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The Perfect duo, Rookie and Pat l Popular Episode l Tayo the Little Bus l S2 #02 смотреть.

Our well known police car Pat and police office Rookie are not only best friends but also the perfect duo They always look after other people in the town and also buses But, they do argue sometimes but it doesn t go long Give a big thanks to Pat and Rookie to take care of cars, buses and people in town Enjoy one of Tayo s the best and popular episodes Upon finding a bus stop covered in graffiti one day, Rookie and Pat decide to investigate But conflict arises as Rookie wants to use cutting edge technology while Pat insists they patrol on foot Caught up in their argument, they lose the culprit Unwilling to give up their respective methods of investigation, Rookie and Pat get into a huge fight, then decide to look for the culprit separately Will Rookie and Pat be able to catch the culprit Tayo Season 4 is coming to town youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMkkgqJd5TJtatQ03rpz4ESy Vroom Vroom We bring snack video for you every week We talk about friendship, buses fun moments and more youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMm4QUKL35eSR9InybZuhSpG Do you have hard time to express your feeling and emotions Don t be afraid to show your feelings and emotions youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMnUBaHGhR4DXGNSFXTxHrTw Meet the weekly Tayo s Little Theater here youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMkVAOXzxhPDbcqFc49wlz2e 1 HOUR LOOP MUSIC IS HERE You can listen your ONE favorite nursery rhymes for one hour youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMlPYCSE mIjTIckHlciVqeH TAYO IS REAL Watch more episodes of Tayo in Real Life youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMk aqCiZyocYw UnEanCc0x Learning for kids Children can learn about jobs, good habits, colors, numbers, alphabets, insects, cars, buses and more youtube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMneyfASoZ3MqwI3wrS1Gofe Here are the BEST episodes of Tayo the Little Busyoutube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMk668ykPGdzoiKrSrzBo5o Do you know how many character at Tayo and how they became friends Here are 10 episodes of them youtube com watch v WEvWymi qRI list PLkvTG4A3XyMlhbZKszDUCMhfA3595A7Fn Watch Color Song youtube com watch v 0hAF2FGdNwQ With special musical casts, Tayo brought special sing along series Kids favorite music show on YouTube is right here Watch more Full episodesyoutube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMlhYqGUKx4ub5Yz0W5VJB S You still haven t watched The Tayo Movie Mission Ace youtube com watch v yR8W0MrpUgA list PLkvTG4A3XyMmrCHopW5NWRsEfAcHJZbIu Watch more Tayo s Toy Adventureyoutube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMm9Aat8bOTa5y8BzUpuAmYL Check out more Tayo Nursery Rhymes and Tayo s Little Story Music on our channel Watch more nursery rhymes hereyoutube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMlfR2 rS10czwBvLOe5PNHT Tayo s Sing along show is popular music show on YouTube You can sing along and dance with Tayo s favorite music Watch more Tayo Sing along show season 2 hereyoutube com playlist list PLkvTG4A3XyMlb8dYQipoT560B4XjORguN

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