Narendra Modi speech: PM slams Rahul Gandhi, hits out at Make in India jibe - mnrega

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Narendra Modi speech: PM slams Rahul Gandhi, hits out at Make in India jibe - mnrega смотреть.

Narendra Modi speech LIVE We are mocking things like Make in India This is for the nation If there are shortcomings it may be shared and discussed, he said while asserting that the former UPA regime failed to meet its set targets The Make in India logo the Asiatic lion created out of cogs and wheels had also come in for criticism by Rahul Gandhi Gandhi had said, I don t know anything, I don t understand anything I listen to the people, understand them and then speak on those issues in the House I am not from the RSS I make mistakes Gandhi was referring to PM Modi s RSS background Narendra Modi speech LIVE Reacting to fiery Rahul Gandhi speech in Parlaiment, Prime Minister Modi on Thursday quoted former PM Rajiv Gandhi to hit out over the criticism of his policies like Make in India and repeated disruptions in Parliament, saying the House is a forum where the government is questioned and allowed to give its account, but that the Debate will be more fruitful if procedure is followed, these are not my words, this was said by former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, he said In a point by point rebuttal to the allegations levelled by Rahul Gandhi against the policies formulated by the BJP led NDA regime, Modi criticised the former for mocking the Make in India initiative The Congress vice president chose to exploit the issue of inadequate job creation and had launched a strong attack on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech PM said the Budget has laid a roadmap to alleviate poverty in a time bound manner Several steps have been taken for the farmers The most important is Pradhan Mantri Krishi Yojana, he said Noting that electricity and roads are crucial for villages, the Narendra Modi said by 2019, all villages of the country will be connected by roads, while all of them will be electrified by 2018 Kuch logon ki umar toh badhti hai, lekin samajh nahi badhti Opposition ko chinta iss baat ki hai ki tum humse accha kaam kaise kar rahe ho

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