World's 10 Most Unusual Cars

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World's 10 Most Unusual Cars смотреть.

Check out 10 unusual cars The auto industry is in the midst of some mind boggling innovations A few years from now, today s cars will seem antiquated just like the ones from early 20th century Here are 10 amazing car concepts Number 10 Bloodhound SSC This bad boy is a 1,000 mile per hour vehicle that aims to break the land speed record The car is equipped with a jet engine from the RAF s Eurofighter Typhoon, which provides 40,000hp and higher speeds are achieved by utilizing a solid rocket fuel to reach supersonic speeds Number 9 The Kwid Renault s concept vehicle comes complete with a drone that can fly off and report back on traffic and potential dangers ahead It can also take footage of road trips, the scenery, and roadside you re never going to believe this moments Number 8 Sea Lion The amphibious vehicle is equipped with gears that have a top land speed of 180 miles per hour and it s been clocked in at 60 miles per hour in the water The Sea Lion is in the running to be the world s fastest vehicle capable of land and water travel Number 7 Toyota s horse inspired FV2 In order to steer the vehicle, the driver must shift his or her weight, kind of like how a rider maneuvers on a horse 1, prev The windshield doubles as an augmented reality display, allowing information to be presented like upcoming destinations or potential road dangers Number 6 Phoenix Giving new meaning to sustainable cars, this unusual looking concept auto is derived mostly from bamboo and is naturally biodegrade The 150 inch long body bears a resemblance to a leaf, with the stem pointing outwards at the back end of the car Number 5 The TF X This flying car is the brainchild of Terrafugia, an aerospace company in Massachusetts It s described as a fixed wing street legal aircraft with electric ground drive and electric power assist on takeoff and landing that is able to recharge its batteries either from its engine or by plugging in to electric car charging stations Number 4 Aeromobil Here s another flying car for you that features collapsible wings, which allows it to fuel up at any gas station and fit into regular sized parking spots 2 people can fit comfortably inside the multifunctional vehicle that can travel up to 100 miles per hour on the road or 124 miles in the air Number 3 The Wind Explorer It s a two seater and looks like an old fashioned go kart with skinny wheels and tires similar to that of bicycles Attached to the car is a kite or parachute like object which propels it forward with the help of a light wind Number 2 The Thorium Fueled Car If gassing up isn t your thing, put this car on your list The radical looking vehicle is powered by, as the name implies, thorium which means you ll only have to fill up once every 100 years if your lifespan permits of course Number 1 Google s Driverless Car Sure the two seater doesn t have a steering wheel or any other driver controls for that matter, but it s because sensors and computer software do all the work The tech elements drive the car to its destination, requiring just the press of a button from one of the passengers

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