Jossy - Alelem Bechirash (አልልም በጭራሽ) [NEW! Ethiopian Music Video 2015]

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Jossy - Alelem Bechirash (አልልም በጭራሽ) [NEW! Ethiopian Music Video 2015] смотреть.

Yosef Gebre Aka Jossy Alelem Bechirash NEW Ethiopian Music Video 2015 Yosef Gebre is an Ethiopian singer He is popularly known as Jossy He was born in June 16, 1981 in Dilla, Ethiopia Jossy was born in 1981 in Dilla, Ethiopia to Woizero Zermechi Argaw and Ato Gebre Sherga He attended elementary school at the local Mekane Yesus School After 6th grade, Jossy moved to Adama and attended the Nazreth 3 Elementary and Junior School He then completed High School at Adama High School Jossy has been interested in music since childhood He participated in different art projects while in elementary school In Adama high school he worked as a school journalist and DJ presenting shows on the school PA system known as Adama MiniMedia during breaks After completion of High School Jossy went into business following in the foot steps of his parents During that time he spent his free time contributing pieces to different news papers and taking music lessons

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