The Queue | Doublelift & Svenskeren

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The Queue | Doublelift & Svenskeren смотреть.

This week Dash is queued up with Doublelift and Svenskeren to talk LCS Finals in Detroit and what to expect when Cloud9 take on reigning champions Team Liquid 00 00 Welcome Doublelift, What does it mean to be the best 02 59 What does it take to become the best What sacrifices had to be made to get there 04 52 Did you recognize your own ability at that age early on in your career 06 36 Why keep going despite the career highs and lows What is the motivation still 08 15 Being the best domestically, but wanting to the best internationally 09 49 How does it make you feel when the expectation is for you to take NA to the next level on the world stage 13 08 Defining moments Failing and what did you learn from your time away from the game 16 12 A different Doublelift coming into Season 8 MSI TL vs FNC, What was that week day like 17 59 Season 9, 2019 MSI Finals appearance, did you feel your role changed 21 18 Is this the best version of Team Liquid that s ever existed 22 38 Do you feel that League of Legends has evolved where top tier teams can play different styles and there is no on best style 25 00 Do you like being the best Is it a position you enjoy being in 26 19 The value of ego in sports 30 38 Being the best and having trust on a team 35 34 Game 5, what are you saying in the locker room 36 41 How often do you guys talk about the 4 peat 38 44 What matters more The 1st Seed or the 4 peat 40 20 Doublelift on his teammates Xmithie 45 01 How do you feel about your Finals rematch with C9 48 08 Do you think Svenskeren and Nisqy can get it done 50 06 In Detroit, are you guys doing it bringing the 4 peat home 50 37 Welcome Svenskeren 50 47 Svenskeren Interview 2019 Spring Split Semifinals and TSM Reverse sweep of Cloud9 52 34 What did you guys do to diagnose what needs to change and at the same time guard yourself from blowing up the roster 53 57 Using humor and openness to deal with adversity 54 45 Were you angry, frustrated at those result from last split 56 15 What does Cloud9 as an org do to create healthy ways to move through adversity 57 43 Were there any feelings of it all could slip away again when they played Clutch 1 00 47 Do you feel like that experience in 2019 spring prepared you to allow yourself to step aside for other teammates so your team can win 1 01 54 Svenskeren and Nisqy being stars of Cloud9 and Cloud9 not living or dying by the success of one individual 1 03 27 Do you feel Cloud9 s success is predicated on yours and Nisqy s success Do you believe there s truth to that 1 04 18 What s your first step when you come into a team Do you ask who needs me the most 1 07 35 How did Nisqy become so good for C9 and between you two who taught who how to push an advantage 1 09 30 How do you feel about your matchup with Team Liquid knowing C9 hasn t won a title in 5 years 1 12 09 Do you think Doublelift is the best player in North America Are you better for playing with him Do you think he s better for playing with you 1 13 30 What is your response or feeling to the perception that every team is disregarded for not being Team Liquid right now 1 14 24 Do you feel any responsibility to the old legacy of Cloud9 or is it more about creating something new 1 15 02 Were you always a competitive person even as a kid 1 15 53 Going from just a young kid playing videos to the admired pro player you are now, how did you deal with that transition 1 17 45 Can you identify the valleys of your career 1 20 10 You and Goldenglue are fondly known as the Swole Bros Do you think physical fitness is important to competition success even if the competition is itself not physical 1 21 48 Do you feel a responsibility to present that healthy lifestyle and encourage others pursue healthy living 1 22 52 Why do you think C9 outperforms every team from North America on the international stage 1 25 05 Do you think Cloud9 has a good understanding of what kind of team it is and who you are as a team this year versus last year 1 26 52 Final thoughts on match up with Team Liquid

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