12 Facts That'll Change Your Perception of Time Forever

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12 Facts That'll Change Your Perception of Time Forever смотреть.

What do you know about ur planet Many things seem to have existed forever, and certain well known people are associated with a specific period of time But have you ever really sat down and considered the relationship between different events in correlation with each other You d be surprised how your perception of time really fools you By the way, we ve hidden 3 tiny light bulbs in this video Can you find them all If you re the first one to find them and write the time they appear in the comments, you will get a mention from us in one of our next videos Good luck, and let s begin TIMESTAMPS When the first Star Wars was released, the guillotine was still being used in France 1 02 People born at the same moment can celebrate their birthdays on different days 1 46 Martin Luther King Jr , Anne Frank, and Christopher Plummer were all born in the same year 3 15 Cleopatra lived closer to the founding of McDonalds than to the building of the Great Pyramids 4 14 Some of the whales that lived when Moby Dick was written are still alive today 4 58 A plane from New Zealand traveled in time 5 40 The grandchildren of US President John Tyler, who was born in the 18th century, are still alive 6 22 Warner Bros Studios appeared when the Ottoman Empire still existed 7 18 Throughout the life of Queen Elizabeth II, there have been 16 different US presidents 8 22 Tiffany Co jewelry company is older than Italy 8 44 If you could fit the entire history of Earth into 1 year, humans would appear at 11 35PM on December 31 9 59 We are now closer to 2033 than 2000 12 24 SUMMARY The first Star Wars movie was released on May 25, 1977 After that, France officially abolished the use of the guillotine along with the death penalty 1981 For example, it s still morning in the US but already the next day in Australia Anyone who has flown westward over long distances especially gets what we re saying You re travelling for hours and hours but, according to the local time, you arrive to your destination earlier than when you had left The famous American preacher and 1960 s civil rights leader was born in the same year as Anne Frank, a brave little Jewish teenager By the time Cleopatra was born in 69 B C , the Great Pyramid of Giza had already been around for 2,471 years Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick in 1851 In his book, the author described a gigantic white whale infamous for its huge size and the destruction it caused to ships And while such whales have a lifespan of about 50 60 years, the Bowhead whale can live for as long as 200 years and more What happened was a Hawaiian plane took off from Auckland at 12 05AM on January 1, 2018 The passengers on the plane were happy to celebrate the New Year a second time because the plane landed in Honolulu at 10 16AM local time on December 31, 2017 John Tyler was born in 1790 that s over 200 years ago Yet 2 of his grandchildren, Lyon Gardiner Tyler Junior and Harisson Raffin Tyler, are still alive Yes, grandchildren In 1903 the Warner brothers opened their first movie theater called the Cascade Their parents were originally from the Russian Empire, and out of 12 children in the family, it was actually just Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack that started the famous company Elizabeth II was born in 1926 when Calvin Coolidge was President of the US Since then, there have been 15 successors The Italy we know today, aka the Italian Republic, was established in 1861, and Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young opened their first store on Broadway in 1837 But you probably wouldn t have recognized the company in its early years Let s imagine the Earth s 4 54 billion year history is squished into one calendar year If you crunch the numbers, you ll see that 1 second would equal 144 years When you hear 10 years ago, you still think of the 90s, not the 2000s, don t you Isn t it crazy how so many people are guilty of this Well, here s a friendly reminder it s been 18 years since the year 2000 and 28 since 1990 Music Opus One Audionautix Marauder Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons license https creativecommons org licenses by 3 0 Subscribe to Bright Side https goo gl rQTJZz Our Social Media Facebook facebook com brightside Instagram instagram com brightgram SMART Youtube https goo gl JTfP6L 5 Minute Crafts Youtube goo gl 8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime Here he is Slick Slime Sam https goo gl zarVZo For more videos and articles visit http www brightside me

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