The Sims 3 - Building a House 1 - The Spiked Cannon - Part 1 - Architecture

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The Sims 3 - Building a House 1 - The Spiked Cannon - Part 1 - Architecture смотреть.

READ BEFORE WATCHING http www thesims3 com assetDetail html assetId 48329 I m going to start giving out as much information in here as possible to stop people from asking the same questions over and over, if somone asks a question which is already in here, they shall be ignored with distaste but don t be confused if u comment and saying how good my house is and dont reply cos saying thank you to everyone is unnecessary as i ve already thanked everyone who bring joy to my videos As happy as I am with the large amount of views this particular house has gotten, all my other houses which I dare say are actually better than this one, aren t getting as much love So anyway, if you like this house, then you ll definitely love my others ones so please go watch them too Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, befriended me, viewed, rated, commented, favourited me It s overwhelming, I try to reply to most messages, provided they re replyable, Oh and I will delete spam and negative things too I m going to stop taking requests for now, I ve got 3 or so more to do UNless theres one that really catches my attention HELLO Yes finally I put up a house from Sims 3 I do apologize for the lateness, but my sim, and inFAMOUS have taken up my build time This is my 2nd Sims 3 house, the first i recorded but the video was corrupt or some crap like that Anyway, speaking of video failure, the ingame camera doesn t like Premiere Pro as much as the one in Sims 2 did, so I have to gather the entire, raw footage usually over 2 hours and 2gb, export it from WMM, then into Premiere Pro, then speed up the video by about 8 55x til it s about 20 minutes long, split it into 2 parts, then export them and put them back into WMM to export them into friendly sizes for Youtube much fun People have suggested to use FRAPS or something which I may consider, provided its Premiere friendly The house altogether took 2 and a half hours to build Right, this description is too big, the actual house talk will be in part 2 Enjoy P S Sims 3 Freaking Rocks

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