Monster Energy Call Of Duty Ghosts and Lava - Nikon D800

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Monster Energy Call Of Duty Ghosts and Lava - Nikon D800 смотреть.

To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Brave Bison at licensing bravebison io This time a Monster Energy drink Of course, the can fell over but, the lava blocked the top from blowing off just in time for the side to split It s very easy to see the can melting away in this video There s no flying shrapnel The can simply split open as it explodes As stated in the other videos in this series, the can no longer exist It melted and has been broken down into molecules Future archaeologists will find the islands many landfills when they become exposed by erosion as the islands sink back into the ocean Nice garbage atolls full of disposable diapers Or future lava flows will reenact what I m doing here at a scale millions of times larger The videos weren t shot recently nor in a national park Those of you unfamiliar with Hawaii, the lava flows outside of the park often Even on private property It doesn t care what s in its path and it destroys everything This series of videos is scientific in nature seeing how differing sealed objects react to the 2000 degree lava hitting it Don t try this at home Of course, if you do have a lava flow at your house, trying this is the least of your problems Do not try this ever Safety precautions were taken and only the camera was slightly in harm s way Thanks for subscribing and watching Many more videos to come Be patient What I do isn t always easy Be sure and subscribe to my blog for future photo and video updates lavapix wordpress com All content copyright protected 2013 © Bryan Lowry lavapix com All rights reserved worldwide PayPal Paymentspaypal me BryanLowryLavapix

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