Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse HD (Game for Kids)

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Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse HD (Game for Kids) смотреть.

Disney s Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse is a 2002 Disney adventure video game developed by Capcom, published by Nintendo and distributed by Disney Interactive Studios for the Nintendo GameCube The game uses a simple point and click mechanic which involves using a cursor to guide Mickey Mouse to various locations Mickey will react to what the player does and what he encounters in the game by expressing curiosity, getting mad, falling down, running away, standing his ground, or other actions At certain points, the player is able to have Mickey perform a special move that generally involves having him stomp on an onscreen enemy Mini games, such as having Mickey fly an airplane or ski down a mountain, are available throughout the game Special souvenirs may be uncovered as well, which are displayed in Mickey s room at the end of the game, such as Pluto s collar or Minnie s bow

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