EVERY Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Card Explained In Duel Monsters

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EVERY Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Card Explained In Duel Monsters
EVERY Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Card Explained In Duel Monsters
EVERY Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Card Explained In Duel Monsters
EVERY Yu-Gi-Oh! Ace Card Explained In Duel Monsters
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Fern Cruz
2023-10-04 04:47:28

You are so wrong yugi’s ace monster is the celtic guardian

2023-10-03 23:44:27


Mouse House
2023-10-03 13:30:02

This was cool. Doing it for all the others series just make sense. Lol and yea the boss Monster video would be epic

2023-10-03 10:25:41

It should also be noted that the OG anime took place in the 90's and was when Pegasus just created the rules.

So the rules and cards changed a lot over the years.

We in the real world got the rules that evolved after 10+ years.

Duelist Kingdom was finished by the time Konami got it's hands on the game...

So it makes sense that early boss monsters and game rules didn't make sense...

2023-10-03 10:16:19

Joey's first ace was Thousand Dragon.

He's a knight/swordsman based duelist... a fighter style... but his aces are dragons.... which actually fit...

The Drunk Sith
2023-10-03 07:24:24

I always thought early on weeveils ace was basic insect since that was the monster he used to beat rex and then appeared again in his duel against yugi

Otaku 4L
2023-10-03 02:46:19

Now I truly see why kaiba hates Joey

2023-10-02 23:49:56

My Ace Monster is Gem-Knight Garnet

2023-10-02 20:30:10

Gx next buddie then. 5ds

Lesedi Sekgothe
2023-10-02 20:10:56

I think it should be Orichalcos Shunoros/ Boss Monster Divine Serpent Geh for Dartz

Lesedi Sekgothe
2023-10-02 20:00:01

Actually It should be Harpie Lady Sisters for Mai Valentine

Lesedi Sekgothe
2023-10-02 19:55:40

Tea Gardner Ace Card should be Dark Magician Girl

Barry the bloodegde
2023-10-02 16:21:57

Technically I think blue eyes white dragon is also Mokuba’s ace because he has one in his deck in duel links. Does that count? What if kaiba kept the fourth blue eyes and gave it to Mokuba as symbol of their brotherly love.

2023-10-02 15:31:35

A lot of memories

duuku duuku
2023-10-02 11:02:11

i would say marik’s ace card is “”Resurrection of the dead”

Tyler Bruce
2023-10-02 00:34:27

My ace is galaxy eyes cypher dragon the original galaxy eyes was my favorite one and this hit me hard

mikel colaj
2023-10-01 22:50:55

You should do the ace monster for Yu-Gi-Oh GX that would be cool to do because Jaden has to ace monster not just one ace monster

Jebus Glatze
2023-10-01 21:38:10

i feel like joeys ace monster could also be time wizard. He used that card constantly throughout the series. My personal ace monster was (back in the day) ancient gear golem. I was playing a machine deck and my boss monster was chimeratech overdragon. I had a one turn kill kombo with this card that of course could be stopped but somehow never was. maybe because i played many cards that limited my opponents use of magic/trap cards and i made sure my chimeratech could gain over 8000 atk so it was over after one attack from this.

Bob Bob
2023-10-01 16:44:31

Kaiba: "I have a Blue Eyes, White Dragon."
Yugi: "I have my Bla- i mean- Dark Magical!"
Joey: "I have my RED EYES, KAPPA DRAGON!"

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