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🌟 Gravity Falls Growing Up Compilation | Mabel, Dipper, Wendy, Robbie, Pacifica, Soos, Gideon, Bill

Gravity Falls Growing Up Compilation | Gravity Falls Transforms Baby: Mabel, Dipper, Wendy, Robbie, Pacifica, Soos, Gideon, Bill Cipher. Gravity Falls Wedding ...

2019-01-07 06:10 9,851,109 YouTube

Dipper's Secret Revealed | Gravity Falls | Disney Channel

In order to save Mabel, Wendy and her friends from terrorizing ghosts, Dipper reveals that he lied to everyone about his age! #gravityfalls #disneychannel Watch ...

2018-12-04 02:16 2,173,217 YouTube

Gravity Falls - Dipper's Guide To The Unexplained - Lefty

Dipper sets out to discover why a certain Gravity Falls resident always faces left. But what will he discover?! Catch _ only on Disney XD and check out the ...

2014-04-17 02:08 3,628,729 YouTube

Yinhe (Milkyway) BIG DIPPER - обзор удачной накладки для современного атакующего стиля и не только

Николай Тельной играет этой накладкой справа (а слева - YINHE Jupiter II Hard) на основании RED+BLACK Kazak DS. Сергей Бара

2019-03-14 15:58 3,211 YouTube

Dipper and Mabel Time Travel | Gravity Falls | Disney Channel

Dipper and Mabel can't agree on how to use the time machine so they accidentally end up exploring different time eras! #gravityfalls #disneychannel Watch ...

2018-12-07 02:51 250,857 YouTube

Gravity Falls - Dipper x Pacifica - Siguiente Generación

Un poco de dipcifica owo ✓ Support for Original artist: turquoisegirl35 ✓ Music : Nightcore - ¡Oh No! There is absolutely no copyright infringement intended and ...

2019-02-23 02:49 1,533,590 YouTube


My Best Moments Of Dipper Pines In Gravity Falls (GF) ! Thanks for watching and leave a like if you enjoyed the video! :D - Gravity TV It would mean alot to me if ...

2016-07-24 11:20 323,906 YouTube

Dipper and Pacifica love

2015-10-28 04:06 19,231,881 YouTube

Gravity Falls-Dipper Makes A Deal With Bill Scene

Desperate to learn the laptop's secrets, Dipper makes a deal with the dream-demon Bill Cipher. I OWN NOTHING! Gravity Falls (c) Disney and Alex Hirsch.

2014-09-13 03:30 179,046 YouTube

Gravity Falls: You lose, Dipper!

by markmak.

2017-04-07 01:58 2,924,409 YouTube