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Late Show

Trump's New National Security Advisor Worked The A$AP Rocky Case

Meet Robert C. O'Brien, the future former National Security Advisor who was selected by President Trump in part for his skills as an expert hostage negotiator.

2019-09-19 05:59 485,688 YouTube

The Implausible Burger: That Meaty Taste Without The Guilt

The Implausible Burger is 100% juicy, 100% delicious, and 100% vegetarian. It's the only burger alternative guaranteed to probably not be meat. #LSSC ...

2019-09-19 02:38 34,411 YouTube

Elizabeth Warren Closing In On Biden In Recent Polls

In new polling released this week, Elizabeth Warren is up, Bernie Sanders appears to be losing ground, and Bill De Blasio is registering at zero among voters in ...

2019-09-19 05:39 139,288 YouTube

Elizabeth Warren: A Country That Elects Donald Trump Is Already In Trouble

The Senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, says Donald Trump is not just a bad president, he's a "terrible president.

2019-09-18 09:50 886,522 YouTube

Elizabeth Warren Tells Crowd Of 20,000: I Am Not Afraid

In a subtle jab at her opponent Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren told the crowd at her New York City rally that they need ...

2019-09-18 02:44 494,363 YouTube

Trump In California: Raking In Cash, Rolling Back Emissions Standards

The President infuriated residents of the Golden State during his fundraising visit this week, announcing the abolishment of state pollution restrictions and ...

2019-09-19 03:08 103,703 YouTube

Elizabeth Warren: No President Gets To Declare War On Their Own

With Trump threatening to go to war with Iran, presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren reminds Trump that no President gets to declare war on their own ...

2019-09-18 06:01 702,079 YouTube

Were You Paying Attention

After a quick adjustment to Reggie Watts's sound board, James Corden quizzes his audience members about things that have recently happened on the show.

2019-09-18 08:03 48,092 YouTube

Longtime L.A. Clippers Fan Billy Crystal Anticipates A Championship Season

Comedy legend and "Roast 'Em" app developer Billy Crystal professes his undying love for L.A.'s "other" basketball team. #Colbert #BillyCrystal #Interviews ...

2019-09-19 05:26 18,580 YouTube

Sparks Fly At Third Dem Debate - Colbert's LIVE Monologue

Stephen Colbert uses his LIVE Late Show monologue to break down the highlights of tonight's Democratic Presidential Debate, including the results of the first ...

2019-09-13 12:52 2,506,177 YouTube

'The Brady Bunch' Cast Wielded Jackhammers For HGTV Series

The original cast of 'The Brady Bunch,' who reunited for the HGTV series 'A Very Brady Renovation,' actively participated in the demolition and renovations of ...

2019-09-18 08:01 216,230 YouTube