11 Types of Friends to Avoid

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- We all have friends that we hang out with who we secretly dislike. These are the annoying people we want to avoid. NOAH YAP (http://www.twitter.com/trulynoah, http://www.youtube.com/waitformelah) SYMONE (http://twitter.com/symoneoei, http://www.youtube.com/symonemariaoei) DANIAL RON (http://twitter.com/danialron), http://www.youtube.com/danialron) TWITTER: @thejianhaotan ( https://twitter.com/thejianhaotan ) FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thejianhaotan INSTAGRAM: @thejianhaotan BLOG: http://www.thejianhaotan.blogspot.com CONTACT: thejianhaotan@gmail.com...