Making a Karambit (from old, rusty saw and teak wood)

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- A karambit knife made out of leftover teak decking plank and old rusty circular saw blade. I started by making a model in rhino and printing outlines for metal part of karambit. After transferring outlines to an old circular saw blade, I cut the rough shape using angle grinder with cutting disk. Finer shape and initial sharpening is done by different table grinders. Holes are drilled at precise points marked with center punch. To harden the steel, blade is heated in furnace and quenched. Sharpening and final polishing is done by different granulation sandpapers and finally, steel wool. For handle I used teak wood. First a bottom side of part is milled, then a sacrificial board in negative to original part so precise positioning of original part can be achieved. After positioning, top side is milled using a 12 mm ball milling bit. Two parts are glued together using two component cyanoacrilate glue with metal blade sandwiched in between. Excess wood is sanded of using a dremel tool. Surface is then sanded by hand with 200 and 400 grit sandpaper. Finally, wood is polished with steel wool and covered in teak oil. Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe if you liked the video! Music: Vexento - dream catcher