Fear Files - Episode 162 - February 08, 2014 - Full Episode

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- In this episode of serial Fear Files story of Patti Pratapgarh village which is haunted by a Chudail named Tohni is told. This evil witch had taken away many children from village Pratapgarh and doubled her setan powers. But after fifty years, with help of pooja pandit this chudail had been captured in a tree at the jungle, nearby this village. One day, a villager named Bablu and his friends go in jungle. Bablu goes near the tree where Chudail is captured and he frees the chudail. Next night, Bablu is taken away by the chudail and his mother Urmila gets tensed. Urmila goes near the tree where this chudail had been captured. Chudail warns her that all people in village will die, and she needs three children lives to make herself immortal. Urmila waits for Pandit to come back to village after she gets to know the story of Tohni chudail. Pandit plans to manipulate chudail but she takes away two child more. Later, Pandit gets ready to do an important pooja in front of the tree in jungle. But unfortunately Pandit gets killed in the pooja by chudail. Urmila remembers what pandit had told her. Thus as told by pandit Urmila cuts chudail's hair and burns them, which makes the chudail week and she goes away. Watch the entire episode and check out what is myth and what is reality about witches. Fear Files uncovers the truth behind some of the most compelling, mystifying and seemingly unexplainable images that have occurred in different places in India. It is a show focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives. Subscribe to the channel by clicking http://www.youtube.com/user/zeetv?sub_confirmation=1 To watch more episodes from this show go to http://www.zeetv.com/...