Anandam - Tamil Serial | Episode 570

2015-03-10 13 2 7,322

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- The patriarch of the family - Radhakrishnan (RK) is an eminent industrialist whose blissful existence is threatened by a series of events involving his four children. Shanthi, a widow with a child is married to RK's second son, Karthik, but much of her early days were consumed by her struggle for acceptance within the family. Shanthi's tribulations were multiplied by the other daughter-in-law in the family, Abhirami, who had hoped that Karthik would marry her younger sister. Abhirami had married into the RK family primarily to seek revenge on behalf of her late father, who had led her to believe that he had been wronged by RK in business. Soon, Abhirami begins to wreak havoc on the RK family, stripping it of its family home and wealth. Watch to know more about the RK family. Cast : Suganya, Kamalesh, 'Delhi' Kumar, Brinda Das, Aishwarya, Sanjeev, Jahnvi, Satish, Viajy Adhiraj, Saakshi Sivaa, Vanthana, Afsar Babu, Lakshmi, Mohan V. Ram, Venkat Subscribe latest Tamil Serials - Follow us on - Subscribe for Tamil Movies - Follow us on -