The Fuelless Engine Model # 2 - 16 hp - Free Energy Electric Motor - Self Running Motor

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- FREE ENERGY PROOF FUELLESS ENGINE MODEL 2 Go to www FuellessUSA com or call Rick Gibson at 1 812 945 5839 Creative Science Research PO BOX 557 New Albany, IN 47151 0557 USA Made from white UHMW Polyethylene kitchen cutting board plastic Very easy to work with If you would like to build our motor we tell you were to buy all the parts and supplies needed This motor generator also uses 16 N52 neodymium magnets which are easy to purchase from the internet at magnet4less com They will ship them right to your front door We also supply the part numbers of every nut and bolt needed to successfully build this motor If you know how to use and operate common garage tools then you can build this awesome free energy device David s plans make it easy for you to build David is also offering free tech support by e mail It s really not that hard for anyone to learn and build David has designed these plans just for you You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to build this motor If this video is not working properly please contact us by mail at Creative Science PO BOX 557 New Albany, Indiana 47151 USA ...