Conversational French Lesson 1

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- French Lesson 1 Language Lessons Paco: Educational and Entertaining. :) SETTING: Soon, you will meet someone who will want to talk to you. It could very well be the concierge (now known as le gardien or la gardienne, if it's a woman) of your building (immeuble). Let's call him Monsieur Bertrand. CONVERSATION: A) Bonjour, Monsieur. B) Bonjour.Vous êtes Madame Smith, n'est-ce pas? On vous attendait. A) Pardon? Oui, je travaille à l'ambassade. B) Oui, bien sûr. Je suis le gardien, M. Bertrand. A) Ah! Je comprends. A CLOSER LOOK: Bonjour Good morning Monsieur Sir, Mr. Madame Mrs. Vous You Êtes Are N’est-ce pas? Isn’t it? On One Attendait From the verb attendre: to expect, wait Pardon Pardon me Oui Yes Je I Traivaille From the verb traivailler: to work À At l’ambassade The embassy Suis Am Le The Gardien Concierge, doorkeeper, porter Comprends From the verb comprendre: to see, understand Bien sûr Of course VOCABULARY NOTES: bonjour: literally, good morning; but it is used as hello until the evening. Vous êtes Monsieur…?: You are Mr…? Or you can say: Etes-vous M…? Questions can be formed either by using the usual subject-verb-object word order and rising intonation as in the first example, or by inverting subject and verb, as in the second example. n'est-ce pas?: isn't it? used at the end of a sentence, when one expects agreement with the preceding statement. travaille: present, singular for of the verb travailler: to work. Bien sûr: of course. On vous attendait: we were expecting you. *The audio and the information for this video came from the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) which is in the public domain....