Can SLIME Survive ZOMBIE Apocalypse?

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Can SLIME Survive ZOMBIE Apocalypse? смотреть.

Me and Slime Sam LOVE family board games Today we re having a game night and will show you a cool quest game that s called Zomber Geek It s a very easy and fun tabletop game for the whole family This game can include two to five players The playing field is a house Your goal is to get from the broken car on one side of the house to the working truck across the field Of course, it s not a piece of pie as the house is filled with zombies who are craving your blood They will do whatever it takes to stop you from getting to the life saving truck You will play with the cards that have characters, weapons and tools on them Down below you will find a game description, instructions to how to play the board game, the list of characters and players, game rules and a few tips and tricks THE SWAMP HORROR He is the scariest and the most dangerous zombie character This green beauty has five zombie eyes, wears torn jeans and a beige top He is rocking some seriously stylish dreadlocks and has a sentimental tattoo You can only defeat it with one item that looks like a fancy spear COMMON ZOMBIES They are less frightening but there s a lot of them They look a little shy but don t let their appearance fool you They wear a blue hat, an orange shirt that looks a little weary and red pants with the fringe Their hair is yellow and their left eye is timidly hanging down their cheek MUTANT SPIDERS These things are brown and have a cross on their backs SCARY HOUNDS These look like cute brown doggies but trust me, they are anything but cute You can defeat all of these guys except the Swamp Horror with any of the weapons you have You also have wooden crosses cards, these are barricades You can use them to block doors and windows to keep the monsters out If the character fails to defeat a monster they lose a hit point There are tiles with the first aid kits, these will help you to restore the hit point of your character The hit point is a tile with a heart image on it The most important tiles are the ones with keys and a canister of gas You won t be able to drive a truck without them PLAYERS ALEX He likes martial arts and wears kimono He already has means of protection at close range So he won t have to look for this card on the field ANITA This pretty one is a nurse If she finds a first aid kit, she can restore two hit points at once She wears a nurse uniform and a first aid kit MAX He s the youngest and the fastest That s why he can move one additional square He s also got gorgeous hair MARY She s a police officer That s why she can protect herself Mary wear police uniform JOHNNY He is the big guy and got some muscles His special ability is that he has five hit points at the start of the game And the rest of players only have three By the way, all characters can exchange their findings, means of protection and first aid kits, if they are standing close enough To start the game, all players must pick a character Lay out the game tiles on the game board, including the tiles of non playing characters If a character loses the game, this tile gives the player an opportunity to recover and play for the found character, with one hit point or three, if it s Johnny Place all the tiles on the game board in random order upside down GAME RULES Spin the wheel to begin The numbers show how many squares you can move You can move only vertically or horizontally, you can t move diagonally If there s a tile in the way, you can go over it or turn it over If the arrow of the wheel points at the crossed swords, you can save yourself from the monster with close range means of protection If the arrow points at the target, the monster can be defeated with the help of ranged means of protection If the arrow points at the running man, spin the wheel again to know how many squares you can run And if the arrow points at the jaws, you re out of luck The monster bites and you lose hit points If you run out of hit points, you can play on the side of the monsters And keep the characters from finding the keys and the canister and getting to the truck PREVIOUS EPISODE UNBOXING 100 HATCHIMALS Eggs and Blind Bags with Surprise Toys https youtu be ZtkaZKcrMm8 Our videos now include English subtitles for your convenience Please allow up to 5 days after publication for the subtitles to appear This video has English subtitles for your convenience Check out Slime Sam s Community Tab and see his best pictures, funny GIFs, new episode announcements and much more youtube com channel UCw5VDXH8up3pKUppIvcstNQ community Subscribe to Sam s channel and give a thumbs up to motivate him to make more videos for you https goo gl zarVZo All music is licensed under MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE OPENING THEME Title Cuckoo Source https audiojungle net item cuckoo 20801073

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