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SUBSCRIBE http bit ly 2yxPwOf Watch More Spookiz New Videos youtube com playlist list PLJ5JTyPtGWUNuEO3wgwhQQoVYCD a8cv disable polymer true Watch LARVAyoutube com watch v wt jk5FoHpk t 0s list PLJ5JTyPtGWUO5QodqRM0F6rAKS3LvNfxV index 1 Watch OM NOMyoutube com watch v QdXhztdHiJA t 0s list PLJ5JTyPtGWUMZ1mfiKEXSKHpuWOY5hm13 index 1 Watch more Funny Cartoons for Children Cula s Best Failsyoutube com watch v pCzO0 Watch Teletubbiesyoutube com watch v BiZF1UFXSqE index 1 list PLJ5JTyPtGWUPsplifeNxB8bbcj55ozcG4 t 956s Watch Brum Friendsyoutube com watch v j5TLaFztMaw t 0s list PLJ5JTyPtGWUPdyj1Km7ELK5eQcMmpK6zV index 1 Spookiz is a Cartoons for Kids Keyring animation, which follows the lives of Cula, Frankie and all their friends whilst at school Subscribe to Spookiz Cartoons for Children Cula is a descendant of a royal Dracula family He may seem cold blooded and evil, but he actually wants to get close to others and become their friends He has OCD and a complete meat freak You may see him and his sidekick KongKong get up to no good, but he s a good soul really Frankie is a bit of a dull slowpoke, Frankie s appetite sometimes turns him into a bit of a monster He grows a four leaf clover on top of his head which is lucky charm He s one of the kindest members of the Spookiz gang, but his appetite sometimes puts him in a foul mood if he is not full up Kebi is a free minded soul and isn t one to stick to rules and formality He s constantly energetic and bubbly and loves to tease Cula as much as he can It is a friendly rivalry though as they truly are best buddies KongKong is Cula s sidekick KongKong is best described as weak to the strong and strong to the weak He s very self conscious about his short height but by listening and trusting in Cula he feels safe and comforted Zizi shows gives off a stinking odour but she does not realise it Body parts mainly her head often fall apart off her body, but are always easily placed back together on her She has a secret crush on Cula and dreams of being with him always She s incredibly shy around him and doesn t like anyone to know this Visit our Facebook http www facebook com spookizworld Visit Our Twitter http www twitter com spookizworld Brought to you by Keyring Studios http www keyringstudio com

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