Film Theory: Can You SUE a Superhero? (Disney Pixar's The Incredibles)

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- Get 2 FREE MONTHS https skl sh filmtheory Special thanks to Skillshare for partnering with us for this episode Which of The Incredibles Is MOST Incredible https bit ly 2M4oe8V SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories http bit ly 1dI8VBH Here s a superhero question if someone doesn t want to be saved, what happens when you save them That s what happened to Mr Incredible in the first Incredibles movie and we never got a good answer Today Loyal Theorists, we are figuring out if you can LEGALLY sue a superhero for saving you MORE FILM THEORIES Willy Wonka s Golden Ticket SCAM https bit ly 2JIhEal We Found NEVERLAND https bit ly 2HOGbqk Rapunzel s Hair is KILLING Itself https bit ly 2M0DbbZ Elsa s TRUE Fight For The Throne https bit ly 2M6jyzj Moana s SECRET Identity REVEALED https bit ly 2M3UJDT Like the theme song and remix for this episode Thanks to CARF youtube com user carfmobile SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter MatPatGT Facebook facebook com GameTheorists Instagram instagram com matpatgt...