Eli Benjamin (Roswell first-hand witness)

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- The testimony of PFC 'Eli Benjamin', a first-hand witness to the Roswell incident in 1947. (Tom Carey identified Benjamin in the 1947 base yearbook, confirming he was there at the time, but the name is apparently a pseudonym.) List of 2nd hand testimonies (only those on alien bodies) corroborating Benjamin's story: 1. Sgt. Homer Rowlett, Roswell UFO crash clean up crew, saw spacecraft+aliens (reported by Carlene Green (daughter) and Larry Rowlett (son)) [1],[2] 2. Joseph Montoya, New Mexico lieutenant governor, visited the Roswell air field on July 7, 1947 and witnessed alien bodies at Hanger P-3 (84) (reported by Ruben Anaya, who picked up Montoya from the base) [3] 3. Captain O.W. Henderson, U.S.Army, Pilot who took the crashed saucer to Dayton, Ohio (reported by Sapho Henderson) [4, 5] 4. Grady L. Barnett, Civil Engineer, came upon the crash site by accident, saw the alien bodies, mentions an archaeologist team which arrived shortly after him at the site (reported by Vern Malthais, Friend of Barnett) [4, 5] 5. Dying Women, archaeologist (reported by Nurse Mary Ann Gardner) [4] 6. Sgt. Melvin Brown, U.S.Army (death bed confession, reported by daughter) [4] 7. Glenn Davis (mortitian), received a series of calls from the mortuary officer at the base, inquiring about child-size caskets and embalming techniques [3] [1] Larry King, youtube: /watch?v=dixvfIbEuHo [2] Roswell Confessions, youtube: /watch?v=imSHAVxsQAs, /watch?v=Bx2m5S-iwmU [3] The Roswell Incident, youtube: /watch?v=VFHboyj4pA8 [4] UFO Secret - The Roswell Crash, youtube: /watch?v=8DXvwJOuv7M [5] Unsolved mysteries Roswell, /watch?v=oQPLoh4Le9A...