The Ben Heck Show - Automated SmartHome Tricks For Every Home

2011-07-25 741 24 123,202

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- Ben works on some ways to automate functions into an existing home. Automatic Door Buzzer? Coming right up! Ben also rigs up a system to manually change the temperature on an old Honeywell thermostat. Tell Us What You Think! Like, Comment, Favorite This Video! Never Miss An Episode- Subscribe For More of The Ben Heck Show: TAGS: "ben heck" "ben heckendorn" tbhs "the ben heck show" "ben heck show" "xbox 360 xbox360" "pinball machine element1" e14 "video games" "door buzzer" packages propeller spinnernet parallax led relay "shift register" ups "fed ex" shipping honeywell "robo home" "stepper motor" i2c rtc "real time clock" "temperature control" "wall unit" "air conditioning"...