Cab Calloway Orchestra on a train 1934

2009-03-01 105 1 11,967

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: jam, jive, hi, de, ho, scat, vocal, cab, calloway, bix, jazz, swing, thirties, acetrains

- Highly swinging "Railroad Rhythm" by Cab Calloway and his Orchestra in a Pullman train setting with solo by Andrew Brown (baritone sax). Also superb bass playing by Al Morgan. I want to make the following statement. I welcome reactions to my videos but remove stupid posting such as the one from the Jackass who asked why I "pitch shifted" (odd way of describing it) this video, when actually this, and all my historic jazz videos, comes straight from the original 16 mm film copy and is exactly as played by the bands, allowing for minor pitch changes caused by a possible inaccurate projector speed. In this video of the tune "Railroad Rhythm", AS INDEED IN ALL OTHER VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE OF THIS SAME FOOTAGE, the key of the tune is a solid and perfectly correct D minor, as it is also on the sheet music....