Oslo - Episode I pt.1

2009-03-13 257 26 33,582

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: Comedy, Animation, Black Metal, Shagwrath, Shawn Baybo, Flash

- It's five years in the future, and the cartoon wars that have destroyed the world have finally ended. After Dr. Kellers failed attempt to end global warming, the world was cast into a perpetual world of darkness. In Oslo, North Dakota, dwells the grimmest, necro, most frostbitten and worst band in the world. Infernal Nightfall Mysteria Mayhem, and Deth live their lives existing as Black Metal cliches. Stuck with everyone thinking they're a KISS cover band, but believing they are the world's best black metal band. If you like adult swim type stuff sealab, frisky dingo, dethklok i know you'll love this...