Kim Jong-un - Before They Were Famous

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- SUBSCRIBE: Before Kim Jong Un met his friend for life, Dennis Rodman, and was poked fun of in the film The Interview. Before racking up one of the worst human rights records in history, killing political rivals, personal acquaintances and innocent civilians alike. Before he rose to power as the first dictator to be born and raised in North Korea... Kim Jong Un grew up in Pyongyang, the grandson of the authoritarian dictator of Kim Il-Sung, who was worshipped as a living god. But as the fourth child of Kim Jong Il, Kim had little reason to suspect he would ever rise to the top of the ruling party. He spent almost a decade studying in Switzerland under an assumed identity, but often skipped class to play basketball. Despite his lack of ambition, he would become one of the most powerful people in the world after his brother made a very big mistake. Kim Jong Woon was born in Pyongyang, on January 8th, 1983, the child of Kim Jong-il, and grandson of then-dictator and founder of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim il-sung. Growing up, Kim's life was very different from that of a typical North Korean's. While the country dealt with wide-spread poverty ,Kim didn't want for anything. His grandfather kept foreign news, culture and education from the masses, but Kim was able to study abroad, where he was immersed in western culture. Kim studied at the Liebefeld Steinholzi school in Switzerland under a false name from at least 1991, until his abrupt departure in 2000. He was shy, bad with girls, good with sports, and got along with his classmates. His grades and attendance were terrible, (but who needs school when you're the son of a dictator? Right?) Kim was obsessed with the NBA. He played basketball regularly and spent hours making meticulous pencil drawings of Michael Jordan. My name is Michael McCrudden, documenting the life of Kim Jong Un prior to fame here for you on Before They Were Famous. Subscribe Link: SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: