Sims 3 - Ghost Baby

2009-12-10 2,962 826 2,157,893

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- I know, I know; there are other ways for your sims to have ghost babies. At the time that I made this video, I didn't know that there were. Shushity shush. Sims three belongs to Electronic Arts. My sim had a ghost baby! Well, you see, my friend (BluePopsickel12 or something like that) came over yesterday, and told me how to dig up a ghost. Your sim has to be a kleptomaniac, or whatever the trait is. Upon night fall, drag (LOL lazy sim) your sim over to the graveyard. If you're familiar with how the ghosts look and their names and want your female sim to have a decent dead guy, then make sure you find that grave. Click near the grave, and have your sim dig up the remains or whatever the option is called. Voila! You have the remains of your ghost! Drag your sim back home, put the remains outside, wait for the ghost to appear, make friends... An opportunity should, eventually, pop up to bring the remains of your ghost to the science facility... Accept the opportunity, drag your sim and the ghost's remains over to the science place, and have the ghost be brought back. They will still look like a ghost and all, but they will behave like a normal sim. You should know what to do next. (Make them have babies until one of them is a ghost.) Nice way to boost relationships faster: ctrl+shift+c to get into the consol. (I don't know how to spell that word. O_O;) Type in: testingcheats enabled true (false to deactivate) Go to your sims relationships, and drag the relationship up. :) My game has problems, though, so occasionally that doesn't really work well. DX...