My 1989 World Tour Experience - Meeting Taylor Swift & Tips.

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- Hello everyone! So on June 21st my dad and I attended the 1989 World Tour in Amsterdam- and we met Taylor! So many people on Tumblr have asked a lot of questions, so I hope that I answered most of them in this video. If you still feel like there is something you want to know, just message me on tumblr! Tumblr: Redlips-rosycheeks13 __________________________________________________ Here are the links for the lights that I used for the outfits: For the jacket, I used white el-wire: And for my shirt, I used these LED lights(50 LED, white): For my skirt, I used 5 meters of copper wire LED-lights: I wish you all a wonderful time at the 1989 World Tour - good luck on getting Loft 89 or Meet & Greet!...