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- Unidentified creature found under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York . What is this strange unknown animal? The New York Parks Department determined it was a pig that had become bloated after being in the river... but the only problem with their theory is PIGS don't have five fingers... which the photographs clearly show. Denise, the woman who found it, said she thought it was a huge rat.... but other people disagreed... Some thought it was a small racoon, others - a deformed seal.... and One guy said he thought it resembled a girl he saw at Walmart. To this day, no one has been able to prove exactly what the animal is, but one online writer did point out that the monster was found in a place that has a direct water route to nearby Plum Island where the US Government has a secretive Center where they test for Animal Diseases. And that brings me to the question of the day. What do you think this mystery mutant is and whether it's for real or just a prank. Leave me your answer below. Little is known about the origins of this image or what this unidentified sea monster could be. After searching the web, we believe that it has similarities to that of an oarfish, an ocean species that is often mistaken for sea monsters when they are found dead every year. Is this just an oar-fish or could this be a new species of sea life that was just discovered?...