Beauty Guru + Pinterest Life Hacks Tested ❤️ IPHONE GIVEAWAY!!

2016-04-24 13,283 265 299,481

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- this video is Beauty Guru + Pinterest Life Hacks Tested + IPHONE GIVEAWAY! I’ve seen lazy life hacks, beauty life hacks, and life hacks for school and girls, so I figured I would test out some weird life hacks! I was inspired by youtubers like rclbeauty101, maybaby, Natalie's outlet, and Alisha Marie, Niki and Gabi, and also pinterest! Hope you enjoy! xoxo FLOATY FROM THE GIVEAWAY: •SaraBeautyCorner’s Giant Lollipop DIY | • Chelsea Crockett’s DIY Edible Cups | • Gillian Bower’s Giant Donut DIY | • SoCraftastic’s Giant Cupcake DIY | • Timmy Timato Giant Flamin’ Hot Cheeto DIY | • GlitterForever17’s DIY Edible Snapchat Filters | • GlamourLifeFox’s Giant Edible Mac Lipstick DIY | • Alejandro Valdes | ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ Instagram: @clarissamay Twitter: @clarissamay09 YouNow: MY VLOG CHANNEL - MY WEBSITE - ♡ WHAT I USE TO MAKE MY VIDEOS ♡ CAMERA: LENS: EDITING SOFTWARE: