#9 Agle's hat flew away : Cocomong English Season1 (코코몽 영어 시즌1)

2013-09-11 69 34 50,465

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: Sausage, Monkey, Refrigerator, Personal Character, Health, Vegetable, Fruit, Preschool Animation, Preschool Education, Food, Pororo, Poly, Larva, Hutos, Tayo, Tobot, Ninjago, bbung, vroomiz, kioka, dibo

- Aromi ruined Agle's chef hat. Aromi gets a new chef hat and gives it as a present to Agle, but the pea pigs' prank makes the hat fly up and hang on a tree. The animals try their own ways to bring down the hat, but they can't do it individually. They come to understand that they need to work together. Finally they get the hat, and give it back to Agle....