Nrityagram: for the Love of Dance - by Nan

2010-03-20 57 3 20,774

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: Nrityagram, village, Indian classical dance, Odissi, Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, Bangalore, Protima Bedi, documentary, lead dancer, choreographer, Surupa Sen, Odissi Gurukul Director, Bijayini Satpathy

- This clip is a taste of Nan Melville's documentary of an idyllic dance village, Nrityagram, near Bangalore, India. The 30 minute film introduces the viewer to Protima Bedi; artist, visionary and ground-breaker in the founding of the village - and its mission. Protima institutionalized classical Indian dance through the founding of Nrityagram; a "gurukul" where students could dance and live in close proximity with their master guru. Protima, a one-time flamboyant socialite, was transfixed on seeing an Odissi dance performance by guru Kelucharan Mahapatra. Her new-found passion led her immediately to devote her life to the study and performance of Indian dance. She became a famous dancer - and then fulfilled her vision of building a school devoted to the teaching of this dance.The now internationally renowned Nrityagram Dance Ensemble continues to expand on Protimas legacy. The Ensemble with dancer and choreographer, Surupa Sen and Odissi Gurukul Director and dancer, Bijayini Satpathy push the boundaries of Indian dance and perform to worldwide acclaim. Nan's 14 year friendship with the company has given her an inside track to the village and the dancers. She has captured their breathtaking dancing at their New York performances, and also traveled to India to capture the daily life of the dance village....