Once I Was a Champion - Big John McCarthy

2010-01-28 180 5 68,863

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- Tapout Films and Tough Crowd Productions invite you re-live the amazing life of Evan Tanner. Visit https://www.facebook.com/OnceIWasAChampion and learn more about the film Once I Was A Champion. Once I Was A Champion is the exciting and moving story of the iconic fighter who died in 2008 at the age of 37. Evan Tanner: MMA Champion, UFC Champion, and an inspiration to fighters around the world. In this promotional clip, Big John talks about Evan's word "Believe," and the similarities with another late MMA pioneer Charles Lewis. "Evan's life was incredibly complex, filled with extreme highs and lows," says film producer, Kirk Porter. "He inspired a generation of MMA fighters around the world with his writings and his never-ending belief that one person can change the world." Once I Was A Champion includes never-before-released fight scenes; features Dana White, Bas Rutten, Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin, and more! "We are very excited for the December release of our film." Director: Gerard Roxburgh Executive Producers: Dan Caldwell and Sophia Tavernakis Producer: Kirk Porter CoProducer: Lance Dumais Cinematographer: Matt Irwin Composer: Helen Patience...