Mario & Luigi - Partners in Time {Final Boss} Elder Princess Shroob (NO DAMAGE)

2013-01-01 2,399 125 673,527

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- ► Playlist with other bosses: Final boss: 1st form - 03:47 / 2nd form - 10:00 I fucking hated this battle. This fight is ridiculously long AND difficult. The entire game was more or less easy and those two bosses really put you to work to earn the ending. Seriously the "no damage" here is fucking annoying and plain luck based for two reasons: her Shoulder Tackle and the Tentacle Sweep. The Should Tackle I always assume she will fluke the first hit on every bros. (it doesn't always work) and the Tentacle Sweep, ugh... If she uses at least three leg parts to use that attack it is IMPOSSIBLE to dodge all of them without taking a hit. *big sigh* She has way too many attacks to describe and her first phase didn't use some of them and I think her second phase didn't make use of some attacks either. Again, doing this fight (alongside the cutscenes) was a fucking chore, you need sheer amounts of luck and pray Elder Princess Shroob doesn't use her Tentacle Sweep with three parts or more or else you can say goodbye to you "No Damage" thing....