Learn 3ds Max Vol 4 : Textures and UVW Mapping

2010-04-16 229 19 99,711

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- Learn 3ds Max as youve never seen it! with this Elephorm Training DVD containing hours of video tutorials. View the excerpt on the Textures and UVW Mapping. Learn Textures and UVW Mapping with Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 with this complete tutorial! Follow the step-by-step instructions given by 3D specialist Jean-Yves Arboit, a certified Autodesk trainer (CGITrainer), recognized for his teaching in the finest 3D schools. In this forth volume of training, you will learn to master texturing and environments as well as UVW mapping. Your study will take place under real working conditions with the help of numerous practicals and exercises (Software version used for this training : 3ds Max 2010)....